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Many men believe in what their parents taught them as a child, and irrationally live and die by these traditions.

At some level, all men are corruptible, however fair it seems ...

Holiness belongs only to the GODS!

Each one is responsible for their choices, and there is not
only one way ...

HAMARTEIA tells the story of two childhood friends who were separated by the consequences of their parents' nature.
A family that divides into two groups and war with each other, in search of power and glory ...

The story takes place between the years 500 and 480 BC with the migration of a family from the Middle East to the region known as Mesoamerica.
In this way, the challenges are extreme and men fail in their values, their limits are tested and their lives touched by fear and anguish.
Disagreements cause them to separate becoming two distinct peoples who are taught to hate each other. Wars and rumors of wars follow their history and within this context their children will struggle to change this reality.


My name is Luis XIII, I am an illustrator and comic artist, born in Fortaleza-CE.
I've been working for comics around the world for some time,
you can learn more about it here:

HAMARTEIA is a story that I have been trying to tell for a few years, previously I tried to tell it on another platform with the title "Another Testament", but I was unsuccessful, the private works consumed all my time.

I restructured everything, and now I'm starting to tell it again with this title, I really hope it can be a story that impacts every person who reads it.
The message is current and profound.

HAMARTEIA a History of Luis XIII